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About Helite

Each Helite airbag is worn like a normal vest or jacket when horse riding. The rider attaches the lanyard to the saddle strap. In case of fall, the key-ball separates from the airbag which triggers the system. The airbag will inflate and protect the rider in 0.1 sec.

The airbag absorbs shocks and stabilises the body from the head to the tailbone, thus limiting the risk of hyper-flexion of the spinal column.

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A) Release pin

The tractive force required to trigger the airbag varies according to its size (Child S -> 2XL). The key-ball is ejected, the spring relaxes and transmits energy to the needle that pierces the cartridge instantly releasing the gas that inflates the airbag. 

B) Airbags

The airbags are made of polyurethane, they are specially chosen for their resistance and high quality. They absorb shocks due to their optimal pressure. The pressure gradually decreases after airbag inflation. 

C) Gas cartridge CO2

We have 4 sizes of CO2 cartridges (50 CC, 60 CC, 85 CC, 100 CC). They are selected to allow optimal protection according to the volume inside the airbags. To find out the size of your cartridge, please refer to the label on your airbag vest or liner. The cartridge can be easily and quickly replaced by the user. Helite cartridges come with a 10 year warranty.

D) Saddle strap

The rider is responsible for the proper installation of the saddle strap. Make sure to adjust your strap correctly:

• Make sure that your lanyard and saddle strap are not too long. It could delay or prevent the trigger from firing efficiently.

• If your lanyard and saddle strap are too short this could bother you during riding and cause unexpected activation particularly whilst jumping.

E) Lanyard

A clip and a key-ball are located at each end of the lanyard. The key-ball is positioned on the release pin and keeps the mechanical system energised. When mounting your horse, the clip must be hooked to the metal ring of the saddle strap.


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Size Charts

Every person’s size and shape are different. Our size charts are presented for information only. We recommend that you do not wear an airbag if you weigh less than 35 kg.