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BBEWS Bombers Williams Elliptical16mm

Bombers Williams Happy Tongue 16mm

The Happy Tongue is a solid mouth piece. It is curved and ported to give tongue relief

Product Code: BBEWS

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Bombers Williams Elliptical

The Williams cheek piece allows for multiple rein positions

  • the center ring acts as a loose ring
  • the bottom ring promotes poll pressure

The mouthpiece runs quickly up the center pin, and releases extra fast. The Williams cheek piece encourages flexion and helps to prevent drifting.

The Elliptical is stronger than the Control Plate due to it concentrating pressure onto a smaller surface area. This bit will suit a horse that pushes the bit with its tongue. The horse will draw its head back and tuck its chin in, finding a better balance of control.


Consideration should be given to horses with fleshy mouths where increased width is necessary in order for the bit to be well accepted. A good choice for a fast paced discipline.


The mouthpiece can be optionally more curved, creating a more comfortable bend  than the conventional, which reduces pinch and spreads pressure points around the bars.


note- If Bombers items are not in stock here in the UK then delivery
take up to 3-6 weeks as all items are hand made to order in South
Africa. Please contact us to check stock if you need an item urgently.






Additional information

Mouthpiece Width

, , ,

Mouthpiece Thickness