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CL - Beris 3 Ring Leather Gag - Clearance - NOW £119.95

10223 Beris 3 Ring Leather Gag

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Beris 3 Ring Leather Gag


Combines effective restriction, leverage and pull open effect in one bit. The level of

control depends on the different rings. This changes the length of the lever. The 3-ring bit is often used to test the horses reaction to leverage. When used with a second rein, it is similar to a regular eggbutt or loose ring snaffle.

Leather Bit

Horses do accept leather bits very well. Virtually every horse likes the feeling of leather in their mouth and react with increased chewing activity and more salivation. The more

salivation, the better slides the bit in the mouth what means an increased well being of

your horse. The anatomical shape of the mouthpiece adjusts when wet even more perfect to the anatomy of the horses mouth.

Extremely well suited is our leather mouthpiece for young and highly sensitive horses,

disliking all other materials. Even horses that generally dislike bits in their mouth often

accept this material and can learn to trust the hand of a gentle rider again.

Our mouthpieces are tanned vegetable, stitched by hand and available in two degrees of hardness (soft and hard) and in the width 120,130,140 mm.

Please note our care instructions:

Prior to the first use please soak the mouthpiece thoroughly in cooking oil. Please repeat if the leather seems dry to you. Prior to every use please soak briefly in cold water and rinse after use because saliva can erode the leather quickly.

(Excluded warranty in case of bite marks because of wrong choice of bit)

soft very supple and pleasant in the mouth with a flexible steel core giving high security, particularly for sensitive or young horse

hard/firm – the material is firm and no-flexible whilst very pleasant in the mouth, for very strong or horses that lean. A less cumbersome alternative to Vulcanite.




Additional information

Mouthpiece Width

Mouthpiece Thickness


Mouthpiece Material