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HV019 AB Flat Lozenge D Cheek

HV019 AB Flat Lozenge D Cheek




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AB Flat Lozenge D Cheek

This mouthpiece encourages
a horse to move towards the bit but because of the structure of the
flat lozenge and the positioning of the joints it discourages the Horse
from getting too strong or set on the mouthpiece. As the reins are used
together the whole mouthpiece is pulled down and around the tongue and
lower jaw, the mouthpiece has a structured feel in the centre of the
tongue to dissuade the horse from leaning on the bit.  


Very useful for Horses or Ponies that need to

Pay more heed to the mouthpiece

Are a little strong and too forward into the bit

That block on one side as you flex or turn

That are a little heavy in the hands

The Hanging Cheek


As you fasten the cheek of your Bridle into the top staple of the cheek,
some of the weight of the bit is taken off the Horses tongue and onto
the Bridle and because of the small side cheek the bit is stabilised in
the Horses mouth, when rein pressure is applied and then released the
bit returns to the same place in the Horses mouth because of the cheek
attachment. The rein attaches to the larger ring and as it is used you
get a little downward mouth pressure but as some people think no real
poll action, it is a fallacy that hanging cheek creates poll action as
the rein rolls to the top of the ring before the bit is activated. A
very useful cheek if you want stability for the mouthpiece and flexible
support from the cheek. 

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