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RB6085 - KY Single Mouth Rotary Hanging Cheek

KY Single Mouth Rotary Hanging Cheek

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RB6085 – KY Single Mouth Rotary Hanging Cheek

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Approved by FE1 Made to Jeffries stringent specifications in modern foundry conditions, with laboratory controlled metallurgy, using lost wax precision casting. This ensures precise temperature-controlled conditions essential for accuracy of components. Each Bit, Spur Stirrup is hand-assembled by craftsmen, with attention to detail, and finished to a high polish, maintaining traditional Eldonian quality standards.

Brand New RB6085 – KY Single Mouth Rotary Hanging Cheek

For many years riders have been searching for a solution to bitting problems. One principle aim is to achieve the control which is given by a jointed bit, but with the less bulk and a smoother contact of the centre joint with the horses tongue. The full rotary movement of the Ky bit mouthpiece is not restricted like a conventional jointed bit.

After 2 Years of experiments and detailed tests involving numerous riders and their horses, we are pleased to introduce the K.Y Rotary Bit which we claim is the ultimate in jointed bits for the riding industry.



  • 1. Perfect Ball centre swivel joint which enables the sides of the bit to “ROTATE” freely 360 degrees independently. This function helps prevent painful pinching of the tongue and lips and gives the horse a more comfortable fitting when bit is in action. 
  • 2.The riders control is improved due to the “Rotary” bit fitting centre in the horses mouth because the two sides of the bit are of equal length. 
  • 3.The smooth centre ball joint enables the two sides of the bit to turn independently of each other in a smooth and silent movement.The Eggbutt

    The eggbutt is a fixed cheek bit, this may be useful for horses that are a bit unsure of the bit as it doesnt move around to much in the mouth, it should encourage the horse to stretch into the contact. An eggbutt bit would be less suitable if your horse is prone to leaning or taking hold of the bit

    Single Jointed Bits

    The single joint puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars due to the nutcracker. The single jointed bits also may have a head raising action so would be less suitable for your horse if they ride with a high head carriage or above the bit. Also breeds such as Irish Draughts, may have particularly large tongues, therefore having less room in the mouth for a single jointed bit as this pushes the bit nearer the roof of the mouth, also Arabs and alike may have a low palate, both of these examples may not benefit from the single jointed bits as the nutcracker action may cause brushing of the roof of the mouth.



Additional information

Mouthpiece Material

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