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SB - Show Bradoon 35mm Rings

SB – Show Bradoon 35mm Rings




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SB – Show Bradoon

The loose ring jointed show bradoon is often seen with a sliding cheek weymouth, the nutcracker action acts on the bars and sometimes the palate and works well for horses that prefer a single jointed snaffle bit. The thinner show bradoon is good for horses that are strong, or have a small mouth to keep the bulk of a second bit to a minimum. Bradoons are also very useful to use as snaffle bits for smaller heads or ponies, as they are basically a snaffle bit with a smaller ring. Bradoons are attached to the sliphead of the weymouth bridle, and fit in the corners of the horses mouth with the weymouth below. Generally the loose ring jointed bradoon should be 1/4″ or 1/2″ bigger than the weymouth/ normal bit size. If the loose ring bradoon is to be used as a snaffle on its own, the normal bit size should be purchased. The show jointed bradoon has the smallest rings of all the bradoons at only 35mm.

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