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How does the

Trial System Work


Choose your bit from our extensive range and don’t forget to select your size.


Choose if you would like to buy the bit for a straight purchase or choose to Trial for 30 days


Payment can be made using debit or credit card through our secure payment gateway


If the bit is unsuitable and was a buy now, it can be returned if it is unused and in its original packaging. If you have opted for the 30 day trial you can return the bit within the 30 days and will receive a refund minus the hire fee applicable to the item trialled.

30 Day Trial Terms & Conditions

  • The trial fee varies per product as this price is related to the retail price
  • Please take care of the bit, as it is the customers – (the holder of the account that the bit is purchased on) responsibility to make sure that the bit is kept in good condition throughout the trial period and thereafter, the customer is also responsible that the bit is kept safe from theft and loss, as if you cannot return then you will be unable to return the bit for the part refund.
  • It is recommended that the bits are returned via a tracked postal facility as The Horse Bit Shop cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the post when being returned

30 Day Trial Period

  • The 30 day’s trial period will start from the postage date that The Horse Bit Shop posts the bit which will be postal dated on the envelope, which takes less than 48 hours from dispatch for delivery to the UK. The return date that the bit has reaches The Horse Bit Shop will be the date of despatch which will be 30 days after the postal date. Please note it can take 3 – 5 working days to dispatch and deliver orders.
  • Dates to which the bit should be returned may be subject to change if the day falls on a Public Holiday. If the bit is not returned by that date then or the bit is returned damaged or not fit for purpose you will not be entitled to a refund.

Try it now – other countries

  • For other countries where shipping times are longer, the trial period will be increased to a maximum of 36 days according to the current postal delivery times, the date to be returned will be stated in the letter included in with the bit, the bits will be dispatched via airmail and will be expected to be returned via airmail, as surface mail can take up to 50 days for some countries. Please allow plenty time for the bit to reach the UK, you will not be entitled to a refund, even if the bit is in transit.
  • On return of bits on 30 day trial you will receive a refund for the price of the bit minus the trial fee.
  • The 30 day trial is not be available on such products which are of plastic/rubber due to the fact they are not as resistant to wear and tear and cannot be sterilised to the required standards. Trial bits can be bits from our bit library and may have been used previously and therefore not always brand new bits however should you have received a trial bit it can be exchanged for a brand new before the end of the trial period should you be keeping the bit. We do aim to send brand new bits when possible and all bits sent will be fit for purpose and fully sanitised.

Trial fees

up to £50.00£8.50
£50.01 - £75.00£9.50
£75.01 - £100.00£10.50
£100.01 - £125.00£12.50
£125.01 - £150.00£14.50
£150.01 - £175.00£16.50
£175.01 - £220.00£17.50
£220.01 - £250.00£19.50
£250.01 - £275.00£21.50
over £275.01£24.50
Micklem Bridle£24.50

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