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Eldonian Show Loop Ring

BI683 Eldonian Show Loop Ring




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BI683 – Eldonian Show Loop Ring  

This bit is made out of stainless steel

The Loop Ring

The Loop ring is similar to the loose ring apart from this bit has 2 extra fixed holes for the cheek piece of the bridle to go through and the other for the rein to attach through, this can be used in a few ways so that the rein can just attach to the normal snaffle ring. If the cheek piece is attached to the top fixed point, then this will increase the lip and poll pressure slightly, if the rein is attached to the fixed rein port then this increases the lip and poll pressure all the more. However the bit is considered to be a mild and is used especially on ponies when the rider needs a little extra help, it Is a very popular show bit.

Single Jointed Bits

The single joint puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars due to the nutcracker. The single jointed bits also may have a head raising action so would be less suitable for your horse if they ride with a high head carriage or above the bit. Also breeds such as Irish Draughts, may have particularly large tongues, therefore having less room in the mouth for a single jointed bit as this pushes the bit nearer the roof of the mouth, also Arabs and alike may have a low palate, both of these examples may not benefit from the single jointed bits as the nutcracker action may cause brushing of the roof of the mouth.

This Bit also comes with a frecnh link mouthpiece, have a look in our webshop.

This Bit is not suitable for equitation and is not Dressage legal.

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