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HV003 AB Eggbutt Mullen Mouth

HV003 AB Eggbutt Mullen Mouth




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The AB Eggbutt Mullen Mouth

This mouthpiece does two completely different
things.  If a horse is very busy in the mouth and is too light and needs
to draw the rein forward this mouthpiece actively encourages a horse to
move towards and push his tongue forward to the contact. As the reins
are used together the whole mouthpiece curves around the tongue the
tongue evenly pressing the tongue down into the lower jaw. This mouth
will be too exacting on this cheek if the Horse has a tendency to put
the tongue over the bit. At the other end of the scale if a Horse is
very heavy and solid on the bit the mouthpiece often lightens them up as
long as again there is not tendency to put the tongue over the bit

Very useful for Horses or Ponies that are uncomfortable with

any sort of joint or joints

any pinch or collapse to the mouthpiece

or are very busy in the mouth

or do not draw the contact forward

The Eggbutt cheek 

that the mouthpiece is solidly attached to the cheek piece which has
the advantage of firstly making sure that the corners of the lips of the
Horse are always comfortable as there is no gap between the cheek and
the mouthpiece. Also because of this solid fixing the action is well
defined as you apply rein pressure the signal to the Horse is quicker
and therefore very clear.

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