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HV022 AB Flat Lozenge Loose Ring

HV022 AB Flat Lozenge Loose Ring




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AB Flat Lozenge Loose Ring

The flat lozenge encourages
a horse to move towards the bit but because of the structure of the
flat lozenge and the positioning of the joints it discourages the Horse
from getting too strong or set on the mouthpiece. As the reins are used
together the whole mouthpiece is pulled down and around the tongue and
lower jaw, the mouthpiece has a structured feel in the centre of the
tongue to dissuade the horse from leaning on the bit.  

Very useful for Horses or Ponies that need to

Pay more heed to the mouthpiece

Are a little strong and too forward into the bit

That block on one side as you flex or turn

That are a little heavy in the hands

Loose Ring Cheek 

that the mouthpiece has a delayed action before it is activated. The
rider picks up the rein pressure the rein rolls on the ring a little
then the ring rolls on the mouthpiece a little and then the signal gets
to the Horse some Horses and or riders hands will respond well to this.
The plus points for the Horse are if a particular Horse is a little
tentative about applied rein pressure or its a Horse that does not like
its tongue to feel trapped behind the mouthpiece then the delayed
action of the  loose ring is a benefit.

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